Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Class Representative 2010

Haley came home last week and told me the kids in her class were given the opportunity to run for student council (they only choose two classes per grade) and she wanted to run for class representative. In order to do this she had to prepare an essay and then read it to her class. I really enjoyed helping her with her essay because I was able to see how aware she is of her community and the current problems with the economy. For example she said in her essay "I'll work to get tastier cafeteria food that's still affordable to make".

Anyway, today she found out that she did win, she actually had 20 votes out of 26 students. Before school she was a little anxious and carefully picked out an outfit and had me curl her hair, just in case she needed to make an acceptance speech or something I guess. Here are some photos:

She's really blossoming into a young woman! It amazes me how much she's grown over the last year. Over the summer even. We bought size 10 slim jeans for her in August and now they're too small. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

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