Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Balsamic Berries in a Crust

Last night Nick came home from the field, the dirt on his face so thick I could see it  from 10 feet away in our dimly lit living room. Since he has not had to go into the field in about 6 months or so it was quite an adventure for all of us. Haley and I ate all the spinach and mushroom stuff (Nick can't stand either one) we could which included pizza and quesadillas mostly, and Alice had a really hard time sleeping without her daddy around which means I had a really hard time sleeping. Because it had been so long I had to honor his return home with a really great dinner and dessert. We had southwest chicken salad which was amazing; chicken, lettuce, bell peppers, cheese, tomatoes, corn, and black beans topped with lite ranch dip (not dressing) and BBQ sauce. Then for dessert I prepared this:

I don't know why it's sideways and I also don't know why I used my iphone to take its picture, I know better than that :( It looks kind of fancy, but I assure you it's ridiculously easy. All you need is:

2 tbs sugar
1 bag of frozen mixed berries (thawed)
lite whipped cream, 1/4 cup plus 4 tbs
6 puff pastry shells
2 tsp balsamic vinegar

Mix sugar and berries and allow them to macerate for about an hour.
add 1/4 cup whipped cream and balsamic vinegar to berries
resist the urge to constantly taste test this mixture.
Cook puff pastry shells according to package directions.
Fill each pastry with a spoonful of the berry mixture, then place a dollop of whipped cream on top, top it with the pastry "lid" and put a little extra juice on the side.

It's pretty tasty!