Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Bows and Bouganvillas

A few weekends ago we went to San Diego so Haley could spend the night at Sea World with her girl scout troop. Long story short I messed up the dates and we went one weekend too soon. We still went to Sea World the next day and Haley got to go again with her troop the next weekend so everything worked out. While we were in San Diego we stayed in a place called Old Town. It's basically the La Villita of San Diego except far more hilly (is that a word? It had lots of hills). We loved it so much. The picture of Haley by the bouganvilla is from a restaurant parking lot that we briefly had parked in before realizing it was a tow away zone.
Before we took Haley over to Sea World only to find that we had come on the wrong weekend we had walked all over Old Town and smelled it's many Mexican restaurants but we couldn't eat just then because we thought we needed to get Haley to Sea World. By the time we got back every restaurant had a line wrapped around the side of the building and Alice was fussy so we knew we didn't want to wait in line. Instead we bought a couple of flour tortillas from a street vendor and continued walking. Let me tell you, a flour tortilla from a street vendor is just about as close to San Antonio one can get while in San Diego. It was heaven, unfortunately we each only got one bite because Haley accidentally dropped them on the concrete.
We eventually stumbled upon a place called Rockin Baja Lobster and we ended up eating there. It was a chain restaurant and that would not have been my first choice by far but I'm so glad we ate there, it was amazing. Nick and I ordered a bucket of lobster, shrimp, chicken, and carne asade for $39.99! This was not a small bucket and it was overflowing with lobster tail. They were small lobster tails though and they were prepared in the simplest yet most delicious way, they were lightly seasoned, then "flash fried" in a pan I am guessing because they were not oily or breaded. The shells were also left on so it was a very hands on dining experience. It was so filling that we only ate the lobster and shrimp because we were full by the time we reached the chicken and carne asade which were on the bottom of the bucket. I loved that place.
As for the hair bows Alice is modeling in the above picture, those were made by a fellow military wife for Alice. We had been having problems with people calling Alice a boy so I ordered the bows. I think they look SO cute, but they're much bigger than I anticipated. When Nick saw her wearing one yesterday he said "Oh my God! What did you put on her head?!".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Months Old!

Wow, pregnancy seriously took forever, especially the last 2 months. Alice is already 2 months old and it feels like just yesterday she was born. I love my girls so much and it just blows my mind how quickly they grow. This month was pretty neat, she really started to show her little personality now that she keeps her eyes open for more than a few minutes. She smiles all the time, she loves to just sit and be talked to, she likes it when I play with her cute feet, she loves bath time, she still trys to stand up all the time, oh and I really hope I don't jinx myself here but the colic thing seems to be ending. We have our good days and our fussy days but the good outweigh the fussy and the fussy aren't nearly as bad as they used to be.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Petting Zoo

We had a traveling petting zoo in town this last week so Nick and I took the girls to check it out. When we arrived there was a sign warning us of all the possible ailments that we might encounter if we didn't wash our hands including death so you better believe I doused my family (excluding Alice) in purell! Thanks goodness I had some purell because the petting zoo didn't provide any which I thought was weird; most of them have bottles hanging on the fences. Oh and look carefully at the picture of Haley; there is a sign in the background that reads "do not feed fingers to the animals". I guess it's a common problem, people feeding the animals fingers, common enough to warrant a sign.
There is also a video of Haley feeding a donkey on our youtube site.