Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Sunday

This Easter we wanted to go up to San Luis Obispo again but the Marine Corps didn't give Nick any extra days off so we ended up staying here. I thought that was so weird since it's a pretty important religious holiday but whatever. Instead we stayed here which wasn't so bad because the base had a lot of fun events going on. On Saturday we went to an egg hunt and Haley got a basket full of eggs. Nick enjoyed the free snow cones ...three times. Then on Sunday the girls got their Easter baskets and then we all got ready and went to Champagne Easter brunch. It was nice except our waitress was drunk. I know this because she came to our table twice and said "I think I'm getting really drunk" without either of us prompting her, in fact she told us she was drunk as a substitute for her introduction, as in "I think I'm drunk, what can I get you to drink?". So that's how our Easter went.

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