Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Girl

This girl amazes me with her ability to pose for the camera. She somehow knows exactly what to do and when I take her out to 29 Palms Inn for her annual photo session the session is always in her hands. I let Haley do her thing and I just simply push the shutter button. Every single one of her poses is her idea. Of course I'll direct her into the right lighting, or suggest she grab a buttercup, or twirl in the sunshine, etc.
The other two photos of Haley and her friend are kind of sentimental to me. When I was a kid I had a friend named Mirna and we would pick buttercups every spring and laugh at the way the pollen turned our noses yellow if we sniffed them. I have always told Haley stories about my friendships as a kid and how close I was to my best friends and although she loves hearing the stories she was always a little sad afterwards because she's never had that kind of friendship. But now she's got a very good friend and the two of them can laugh about buttercup pollen together.

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