Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Fail

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of my cinnamon rolls because they never made it to roll form and the dough is in the trash. I guess I could've photographed the dough sitting in the trash but I don't like to add insult to injury, especially to myself. So here is what happened, everything was going great until I cracked my egg and let it fall into the dry indredients only to find that it was a bloody egg. Yeah, gross right? Unfortunately it landed right on the yeast so I had to scoop out the egg and the yeast came with it as well as some flour. I went ahead and put more yeast in and a new egg and turned on my food processor. I had the dough hook in the food processor, something I hadn't done before, and I guess I didn't put it in right because nothing was happening, dough was not being made. So I thought maybe I need to stir the wet ingredients to the bottom. I turned it on again and liquid started pouring out of the bottom of the food processor. Great. So then I decided to just do it myself, mix that dough by hand, which it turns out is a complete pain, and there is definitely a reason people use bread machines. So I mixed and mixed and it was really dry, it looked nothing like the picture at all and so I gave up, probably a little too hastily but I hadn't had my coffee yet and I took the egg and the food processor issues as a sign that homemade cinnamon rolls just weren't in the cards for today. I was very dissapointed and settled on eating a carne asada taco for brunch seeing as how it was 10:30 am by the time this fiasco ended.

As for the strawberry cream cake, that thing was amazing. It looks a little like a 5 year old assembled it and it looked so dang delicious that it was half eaten and I didn't bother to adjust the white balance on my camera even though I knew the photos were far too blue, and they're out of focus. Anyway, this is about the cake not my photography so I'll get over it.

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