Thursday, October 14, 2010

They Can't All be Perfect


Not all recipes I make are good and usually I just spare all of you from seeing them but this one had such potential to be great so I'm sharing it with you in hopes that someone out there will see a solution to my problem here.

The recipe: Acorn Squash. It's one if Nick's childhood favorites that his mom used to make. That alone destines me for disaster because no matter what I do it will never be quite how my mother in law made it. So I figured that I would switch things up a bit and revamp the recipe. The original recipe calls for sausage and acorn squash. That's it, you roll the sausage into a ball, stuff it in the squash, and bake it. I have a mild allergy to simple therefore I do my best to complicate things. Some people, *cough* Nick,  find that little fact about me just a little bothersome. Anyway, this time I cooked the turkey sausage first, threw in some diced apples, seasoned it with poultry seasoning, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and about 1/2 cup stuffing mix and then stuffed it into the squash and cooked it for 30 minutes at 375.

The filling was amazing if you ask me, Haley, or Alice, the 3 of us devoured it. Nick was disgusted and almost upset about how I had taken this wonderful slice of his childhood and tweaked it to my liking. I mean, he wouldn't say it, but the man was visibly disappointed in me over food, I could tell.

The squash was inedible, 50% raw which meant it was nearly impossible to cut it and chewing it was tedious but it really couldn't have cooked any longer without the filling becoming over cooked.

Because the filling was so amazing I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you can do something with it, find something else to stuff it into, find some other way to eat it, and then tell me about it so my girls and I can one day be reunited with our sausage/apple/stuffing combo that we love so very much.

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