Friday, October 8, 2010

The Joy of Baking/Cooking

My absolute favorite thing about cooking and baking is the happiness it brings to people. There are few things that you can give someone that will make their eyes light up and then make them shower you with praise. I love praise. So naturally I want to share my food with everyone I can. I often tell Nick that if I could just bake all day I would be the happiest girl on earth, I really would. And can you believe that last April I barely knew how to bake at all? I could cook, but baking was a rarity and usually meant pre-packaged cookie dough. My, how things have changed.

Anyway, I am incredibly excited because I will be baking lots of goodies for Nick's unit's bake sale! It's not for another week but I'm counting down the days and I'm trying to mentally organize all the ideas I have for what to make. I'm definitely making dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes witth scarlet and gold frosting, the USMC colors but I also want to make a pumpkin pound cake to slice and sell or maybe some bars, definitely something with a halloween look to it. Maybe I'll make candy corn cereal treats and 'glue' a candy corn to the tops with marshmallo fluff! Yes, this is going to be fun :)

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