Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was born with a fascination of bad weather. I just love it unless people are dieing from it. When we briefly lived in Indiana I was in awe over the thunderstorms, the tornado warning was music to my ears, and our crazy snow storm that was declared a state of emergency was pretty cool too. So naturally, I enjoy a good sand storm. I've only been in two of them since we've moved here and it is truly amazing how quickly they approach.

A week or so ago Alice and I were sitting on the back porch. I could smell rain, hear thunder, and the clouds were dark and heavy, I was waiting for the storm hoping it didn't miss us. Things were looking very promising and the wind began picking up, I was in heaven, certain that I would soon be enveloped in a nice summer thunderstorm. Then I saw what looked like a distant sandstorm and I thought 'hmm, I wonder if we'll get any of that'. 30 seconds later this was my back yard:

Notice that things are still pretty clear at my place and the sky isn't looking too bad.

Another 30 seconds go by and there's this:
Things are getting a little hazy.

A few seconds later:
Ok, time to go inside.

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  1. that storm was awesome! My husband works METOC on base and I called him to find out if that really was, in fact, thunder I heard lol! What was so funny was that I could see the rain, the wind blew drops of it on our sidewalk, but it never actually rained 'on' us... only in 29 :)