Friday, July 30, 2010

Eating Right and Losing Weight

Once upon a time I ate 3 bags of potato chips per day, I rarely cooked dinner, almost always ate out, and I couldn't care less about calories, sodium, or fat and it showed. I wasn't morbidly obese by any means but I wasn't happy with my appearance at all. Here I am a few years ago at my rehearsal dinner with my best bud Ann:
That's me in the pink.
Not horrible, not great. I wore shirts that were too small because I couldn't come to terms with having to buy a larger size.

My issue was with food, I seriously love food and that had become a problem because I ate really unhealthy things like the super greasy (but delicious) chicken fingers from Chilli's. I still day dream about those regularly and I haven't eaten them in 3 years. Or greasy, cheese smothered enchiladas with flour tortillas, refried beans, and rice from El Chapparel. We would go out to dinner and I'd save my left overs and eat them for breakfast the next morning or lunch. Then when we moved to 29 Palms I was plagued with intense boredom and when I quit smoking I used food to satisfy my cravings and relieve some of that boredom.

Here I am last summer with Miss Haley. I was 2  months pregnant and that's where the health kick began:
At Encinitas weighing 169lbs

When I found out I was pregnant I really started watching my calories because I didn't want to have that eating for two mind set, plus I weighed in at 169lbs when I was 10 weeks pregnant. As much as I wanted to  believe it was all baby weight I knew that wasn't the case. Alice was a huge help because she made it to where I got nauseous from eating fatty foods and I craved cold, raw, and fresh fruits and veggies. After 4 months of eating a healthy diet and staying within the recomended calories I started to feel better. I just felt healthier and cleaner. I know that sounds strange but I had been eating so much crap like oils, and sugars and just nasty stuff that when I purged all of it from my diet I felt more pure, it's hard to explain. Still to this day if I eat something fattty like pizza or something deep fried I will feel downright gross the next day, I feel greasy and swollen, it's weird.

Anyway, once I had Miss Alice I felt like a veil had been lifted and within a couple of weeks I was wearing my pre pregnancy jeans. A month or so after that those jeans were loose:

Now 6 1/2 months post partem the jeans fall down, I have had to put my engagement ring away because it falls off and I own all jeans in a size 8 size 4!

I look (and felt) exhausted in this pic and Alice was in mid blink but you get the idea.

This is how I lost the weight and how I maintain it:

  • Stay below 2000 calories, aiming for about 1700-1800
  • Pay attention to portions!!! You would be shocked at what some consider a portion. Even meals served at restaurants are sometimes considered 2 or even 3 portions! It's appaling and misleading. Know the portion size before you order or purchase something.
  • Think of calories as cash. You only have so much to spend per day. When purchasing groceries try to get not only the most for your money but the most for your calories (look for bigger portions for fewer calories)
  • Don't forget to include drinks as part of your diet. Opt for zero calorie beverages or water.
  • Choose whole wheat when possible
  • Don't assume that reduced fat or fat free is good for you
  • Always compare and read labels


  1. this is really great advice! I've been doing this for years and everything you say is so true. After baby #2 and moving here (suffering through PPD) it was a lot harder to get the weight off, but its starting to fall off again now. You not only see it in your clothes, but in your hair! The good things you eat and drink make your hair healthier too... and that's always great!

  2. That's very true! I started this weight loss journey with the goal of looking better and I honestly didn't realize how much better I would feel, or how shiny my hair would get.