Monday, July 19, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Or in this case if you give a photographer a really big client that accounts for 85% of that photographers income, she's going to cry if she thinks she lost that client. Then rejoice and thank God when that client calls and schedules the session. Then silently freak out when she is told the session is in less than 24hrs. Then freak out some more, not so silently, when she realizes she has no childcare because the CDC is full.

I think this stopped being anything like that mouse/cookie scenario a while ago.

In other news we just got back from San Diego where we stayed at MCRD, went to Coronado island, I ate a sea salt chocolate truffle and did not care for the salt, then we went to Coronado Naval Base. We like to go to other bases and see what they've got to offer. So far 29 Palms is the worst in terms of retail on board the base (MCRD has a wine store!!) but strangely I found myself missing home. I was sitting on a beach, on an island in the Pacific (albeit an island only 1/2 a mile from the mainland ) and I was missing my desert home. Something is not right about that. We also ate Mexican food and it truly irritates me that California severely under estimates the power of a freshly made flour tortilla. Fresh tortillas are amazing, truly amazing and they're so easy to make so why do these restaurants buy mass produced tortillas? I think I'm just going to give up entirely on California Mexican food. Maybe one day I'll open up a Tex-Mex diner and show them what it's all about. Yes, a gringa running a Mexican food place, it could work.

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