Monday, June 7, 2010

S'more and Strawberry Pop Tarts - Homemade

OK, so guess what? Those two times I baked and succeeded weren't flukes ... or so I'm hoping. I'm writing this a bit prematurely as my latest creations, whole wheat pop tarts, bake in the oven. However I just checked them and they're looking fiasco free. The recipe is adapted from smitten kitchen, I only swapped 1 cup of all purpose flour for whole wheat.

The s'more filling consists of 1 cup chocolate chips melted and mixed with a graham cracker and a handful of marshmallows.

The strawberry filling is simply low sugar strawberry preserves. I was going to slice fresh strawberries, mix them with the preserves and add some sugar and use that but Alice began to fuss and in a moment of bad judgment I opted to use plain preserves. DO NOT DO THIS, go with my original idea. I just pulled mine from the oven and ate a strawberry pop tart. It was like drinking strawberry juice from a pie crust mug because the preserves liquefied.

The S'more pop tarts are OK. I would consider them delicious if I were making plain chocolate pop tarts because I couldn't taste the graham crackers or marshmallow. I think next time rather than mixing the filling I'll layer chocolate, crushed graham, then marshmallow. That may help to distinguish each flavor.

All in all these were pretty good with the exception of the strawberry ones. My issue with store bought pop tarts is that they're 510 calories per serving and one serving is one pop tart, not two. It's very misleading since there are two per package. My pop tarts probably aren't the healthiest things on earth either but they're super filling, unlike their mass produced counterparts, so they won't leave you hungry.

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