Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It's Christmas eve today and I am thrilled to announce that I will be devouring eating homemade (not by me) tamales, Mexican rice, and borracho beans for Christmas eve dinner. Tamales at Christmas is a traditional Texan holiday meal and I was hoping that it would make me feel a little better about not being home... for the 4th year in a row now. But my best friend just gave birth a few days ago and I would really like to be home so I can meet her little man. I'm hoping she'll allow me to refer to myself as his aunt Whitney because I love being an aunt. Nick's sister has 3 kiddos and while we don't see them often I really do enjoy our time together, I love being their aunt. This is probably because I was blessed with some amazing aunts who I love dearly and who I have always looked up to.

Speaking of aunts, another reason I would really like to be home is because my great aunt Patsy is in the ICU after she underwent an emergency triple bypass last week. Patsy had planned to travel to LA last Friday but she had a cold and wanted to get it taken care of before hand. When she went in to see the doctor she also mentioned that she had shortness of breath. One test led to another and before she knew it she was being admitted and ended up in surgery. She apparently had a large hole in her heart and if she had flown there was a strong chance that the pressure in the plane would have caused a stroke or heart attack. So although it is unfortunate that Patsy is in the hospital this holiday season we are actually very blessed that it was not worse. Everyone in San Antonio is working hard taking care of Patsy, going to visit her, making sure her house is in order, etc. I wish I was there to assist in helping out. Last I heard Patsy was doing really well.

Generally when we are here for Christmas we have traveled up the coast to San Luis Obispo and we love it. I mean there is something magical about SLO, the family, the scenery, it's just perfect. But last year we ended up staying home because I was hugely pregnant and we enjoyed not packing the car, not driving 7 hours, and just taking it easy at home so we decided to do it again. I kind of regret it now because to me Christmas is mostly about family, but at the same time when I think about the car ride I instantly need a nap, the sheer thought is exhausting.

I should also mention that Haley is not here, she's in Texas with Donnie so this Christmas is even stranger than usual. So our plans are to enjoy the Texan dinner tonight with a single Marine friend of ours, and open one gift. Then tomorrow I'll get up, make a nice brunch consisting of cranberry coffee cake, coffee, and a hashbrown casserole, get ready, THEN open gifts, and then we'll eventually make our way up the tram to play in the freshly fallen (we had one heck of a storm) snow and eat a nice Christmas dinner.

I'm really looking forward to not being rushed at 6am to hurry up, make coffee, get the camera ready, and photograph an incredibly excited Haley. I mean I love her to death and I certainly miss her but I'm looking forward to taking my sweet time :)

For all of my family reading this, I love and miss you guys like crazy! Hopefully next year I'll be living in Texas and be around to celebrate the season with all of you.

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