Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alice Vs. The Butterfly

Since moving here I've been amazed at the generosity from so many different organizations. As a military family we are invited to all sorts of free or low cost events, we're often treated to free meals, free gifts, just all sorts of things. Of course Christmas is a huge time for giving so it's no surprise that we're given plenty of goodies. Last night we attended a special holiday party put on by Lincoln Management, the company that runs the military housing. The girls got to visit with Santa, we got a free photo, and then each girl chose a gift. These are good gifts, not something you'd get from the dollar store. Haley got a board game and Alice got a butterfly toy. When we got it home and turned it on she was completely freaked out by it. It was hilarious, she would not turn her back on the butterfly and wouldn't let it touch her. Eventually she warmed up to it but she still had some reservations about it. Here is a video of her and her butterfly, watch her face when she realizes it's about to touch her foot :)

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