Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photography Studio

I am so incredibly excited! I am finally, after nearly 2 years of being a professional, getting my studio put together. Yesterday Nick and I went to home depot where we got a 4'x4' section of laminate flooring, a couple pieces of plywood, and a piece of molding in order to create this look:
The wood flooring is a very popular look right now, it's supposed to look as if the subject is sitting on the floor in a room with a painted wall. I like it because it's portable since the wood planks just snap together I can easily unsnap them and put them back into their box.
Then I decided I needed some props for my studio so I went antique shopping and found an incredibly cute bench/stool for $15 and a red step stool for $10. I figure they will be good for having little kids sit on. I have been feeling really creative lately and a very popular photo prop right now is tutus however these can run $40! Instead of paying that and waiting a week for them to arrive I went down to walmart, spent $8 on materials and 2 hours later I had this:
Now I'm waiting for my lighting kit and my seamless paper backdrops and I am all set! I can't wait to be able to photograph in studio!

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