Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Everything!

I know it's been an incredibly long time sine I've posted anything new here, so here is an update. I'm sure most everyone knows this by now, but Nick and I are expecting another little one! I'm currently almost 16 weeks pregnant and the baby is due January 8, 2010, just 9 days after Haley's 9th birthday. We don't know what the baby's gender is just yet but my gut feeling is that it's a boy, but we'll see. I decided that once I know the gender I'm going to keep it a secret until Nick has a chance to call me fromAfghanistan. I think it would be really weird for the baby's father to be the last one to know it's gender so that's why I'm waiting. If you know me well, then you also know that I have a really hard time keeping exciting things to myself so we will see how well that turns out.

As far as Nick's deployment goes, things seem to be going ok. We rarely get to speak and when we do it's only for 20 minutes and the connection is almost always terrible, but at least it's something. From what I can tell he seems to be doing ok. His morale seems much higher than it was when he was deployed to Japan which is great, he hated Japan. We do have a homecoming window however I will not be putting it online due to operational security, I will say that he will be home before Christmas. If you want to know the exact dates just let me know and I'll contact you with them. Also, to all family and friends, if you would like to attend the homecoming please let me know, I have absolutely no problem with this as long as I get the first hug from him :)

Also, if you want to write Nick he would love that, even if you are a reader of this blog whom we have never met, if you would like to send him some encouraging words I can give you his address. There is an amazing tool called that I use daily, sometimes multiple times a day, which allows him to receive our letters much faster than he would via snailmail. All you do is visit, register for a username, input Nick's address, and begin writing. Motomail is then printed out and delivered to the Marines within 24hrs of the letter being written. The letters he recieves are incredibly important to him, and it would mean the world to him to recieve more.

I will contact his command and ask about whether or not it is ok to post his address online or not, if so I will update this blog with that information.

Nick also loves receiving care packages and almost anything can be sent EXCEPT FOR PORK PRODUCTS. So please, no bacon, lol. The main things he keeps asking for are baby wipes.

Ok, that about sums it up. Thanks for reading!

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